When more people can afford to live where they work, play, and learn, we will move towards reaching our greenhouse gas emission targets while improving our sense of community and quality of life.

As our city grows, we need to prepare for the day when we rely less on fossil fuels and single-occupancy vehicles. Part of this preparation includes increasing housing along our public transit corridors and providing protected and separated bike lanes. By transitioning away from fossil fuels and single-occupancy vehicles, we will also decrease transportation expenses on families, improve their economic outlook, and reduce our impacts on climate.

We are in transition to a cleaner and more just economy. Transition requires planning to get us through that change. As your Mayor, I will work with staff to develop a parking transition strategy that will allow for off site parking connected to public transit and separated bike lanes so folks can still get from point A to point B while we build the infrastructure needed for a sustainable future. I have served on the Whatcom Transportation Authority Board for two years and will continue  on the board if elected mayor of Bellingham.

Getting things done. 

  • April is currently working with the WTA Board to advocate for free ridership for people 17 years and under.
  • April is working with Walk, Bike, Bus Bellingham to develop support and a plan for separated and protected bicycle networks to get us safely from our homes to recreation, work and school.
  • April works with communities of all different abilities when finding solutions to increase our city’s accessibility goals. 
  • April believes we need to work now to develop policies that will guide the inevitable use of automated vehicles, making sure we are guiding that use and not the other way around. 
  • As we embrace the shared economy- April will continue her work advocating reducing the need for impervious surfaces and further storm water run off. One way is to reduce parking requirements when developments includes shared use of electric car options, safe bicycle storage and electric car charging stations.