Letters of Support

April Barker for Climate Action

With this July on track to mark the hottest global temperatures ever recorded, it is essential that Bellingham elect a mayor with bold, detailed plans to address the climate crisis. That candidate is April Barker.

Barker is the best choice because she recognizes our urgent need to transition away from harmful carbon emissions. Unlike the other candidates, she has specific plans available on her website--informed by her experience on City Council and with numerous community organizations--for moving Bellingham towards 100% renewable energy. Significantly, Barker’s climate plans take a holistic approach to uplifting our community by making affordable, quality, energy efficient housing available to all.

We need a mayor who will make Bellingham a national leader on climate. Please join me in voting for April Barker by the August 6 state primary.

Daniel Chard, Bellingham


Vote April Barker for Mayor

Bellingham talks about being progressive, unique, and innovative, and we have been and can be. But we are not always ready to embrace progressive, unique, or innovative action. Voting for April Barker to become the next Mayor of Bellingham is an opportunity for us to act on our values.

This is a critical time for Bellingham.  Our population grows steadily, salaries stagnate, local young people are more vulnerable than ever, and racial divides are deepening.  the impact of who we vote for, for who we choose to be our next leader will set a tone for how our city will evolve.

I have gotten to know  April Barker over the last few years, and she is smart, deeply authentic, intentionally tenacious, gracious and humble. She knows what is most important -- people. She knows that those who have been marginalized -- queer kids, differently abled, families experiencing the violence of poverty and people of diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences -- are wise and resilient. She understands that when we are all valued equally, we can create a truly progressive, unique, and innovative community.  April Barker is the leader this special city deserves.

Riannon Bardsley, Bellingham


I support April Barker for Mayor

April’s passion and commitment to all members of this community became clear to me when I attended  a community roundtable discussion in 2016. April was exploring ways to connect a Northwest Ave community with affordable access to food. That struck a chord in me.

After my service in the Navy, I lived in a neighborhood in northeast Portland where a  grocery store had recently closed. It was difficult to bike or bus across town to shop for food.  It was even harder for my neighbors who were economically challenged, elderly, or disabled to buy their food so far from home.  

I believe April cares not only about improving all of the communities that make up our city, but she also cares about all of the people who live in those communities. Sincerely, 

Russell Harris Jr, Bellingham


April Barker for Mayor

I met April Barker in the Summer of 2015 at the Sunnyland Stomp. She had signed her two children up for a clay class with my teenage son, who was demonstrating his work at the event.  I was impressed by her genuine caring, her considerate nature, and her enthusiastic support of my son’s art. After the class, she mentioned that she was running for Bellingham City Council. I was pleased to hear it.

We need more people like April working for us at the local level.  I've watched her leadership on the Bellingham City Council, and I have seen what my mom would call a "Doer."  Whether it is her work in criminal justice reform, housing affordability, grassroots community engagement, or other progressive causes, she identifies where there is a need, follows through, and gets the job done.  She listens to community members, values their contributions, and celebrates the results, just like she did with my son.

That's who I want for my Mayor.  Please vote for April Barker for Bellingham Mayor in the upcoming primary.


Vanessa Story, Bellingham


I am writing to voice my positive experience with April Barker.

I have worked closely with her as the Director of the Caregiver Justice Project. 

She has been instrumental in her advocacy for fair Caregiver wages and benefits, as well as Medicaid/ DSHS placement for our most vulnerable elders. She has been a champion for us in addressing care for our vulnerable elder population and the affordable senior housing crisis in Bellingham. 

We have a massive shortage of beds and housing statewide for our low-income elders. In Bellingham, with a smaller tax base for assistance and a high cost of living, we face an even more difficult challenge. Seniors are the fastest-growing segment of our homeless population. 

We face a Caregiver shortage crisis that continues to grow worse, leaving our most vulnerable with a future of inadequate care.

From the time we began discussions about our issue, April has been proactive. She created a forum of community leaders related to the concerns of low-income aging, service, and housing. Because of her efforts, we have a broad collaboration to explore new ways to address the Silver Tsunami and the needs of those who need care the most. 

I believe she understands that we need to care for the people who care for our vulnerable loved ones. We only move forward together when we have a strong community and relationships with each other. April approached our complex issue with dedication and passion. I am proud to vote April Barker for Mayor in this primary election.

Thank you, Jovan Johnson


Vote April Barker for Mayor

I write to urge my fellow Bellinghamites to vote in the upcoming August 6th primary and to support April Barker to be Bellingham's next mayor. As an outgoing member of the City Council, April has a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing our city and, importantly, how the Mayor's office can and should engage with the issues at hand. Increasing housing costs, high rates of homelessness and threats to our city's quality of life posed by increasing growth are all at the forefront of April's platform and mind. She possesses an authentic respect and knowledge of our community and will preside over an administration closely connected and in communication with its constituents. Finally, April is unafraid to speak out on difficult and uncomfortable issues such as the changing demographic composition of our city and country, racial inequities and the need to engage those of us with privilege to become involved and hold space for a more equitable tomorrow. Rather than stand by as Bellingham moves closer to becoming a luxury community where only certain people can afford to live, it's time to address affordability and name the difficult issues. I've witnessed April in action and she's the real deal. Vote April Barker for Mayor on August 6th. 


Kyle Davidson, MPH