We are voting for April Barker for Bellingham Mayor. Why? Because she has made an effort to understand issues facing newcomers as well as longtime Bellingham residents.

We believe she is the most qualified to understand and serve our diverse community. She has put in the work. She walks her talk. 

We are impressed that she has been humble enough to seek feedback and make changes to her style during her campaign. She clearly wants to work well with others. 

We believe April, as Bellingham's mayor, will lead us in becoming a more equitable, stable and diverse community.

April merits your vote. 

Ken and Francie Gass, Bellingham



As a young adult passionate about climate justice, I am confident that April Barker is the best mayoral candidate to lead Bellingham on climate action. Bellingham needs to take bold action to effectively respond to the climate crisis and April played a central role in creating Bellingham’s Climate Action Task Force. She understands that our housing choices are critical to successfully meeting our community’s emissions reduction goals—efficient housing that can absorb our growing population, reduce transportation impacts, and preserve open space and farmland will help us minimize our carbon footprint. To see real change and positive impacts on our climate, we need to come together and find creative solutions to issues like housing. April is the progressive champion we need to move our city forward.

Alec Howard, Bellingham


A Leader Who Never Quits

April Barker is a perfect fit for Bellingham’s next mayor! I have known April since back when she first decided to run for City Council. From the second we met, she was always trying to find a way to address living costs and improve appearances in our neighborhood. She always has a listening ear and a powerful voice representing people who need to be heard.

April is one of a kind, someone who puts everyone else’s needs before her own. She recognizes the contributions of everyone in our community. In my case, she recognized the work I have done for our community, all my volunteer time and energy. She was the one that noticed and suggested that I get an award!

April is an asset to our community. She has worked in our classrooms as a parent and a Substitute teacher. She was a fantastic Neighborhood Association president and is a wonderful City Council Member. When she sees something that needs to be brought to the attention of others, she won’t give up until something is done. She is a go-getter who never quits. She will fight until she feels right about the situation. Vote April as the next Bellingham Mayor!

Lindsey Conway, Bellingham


Hit the Ground Running with April Barker

I am supporting April Barker for Mayor of Bellingham because of her tireless work ethic. I am sure she will hit the ground running.  As a current Bellingham City Council member, April understands the issues facing our community and what obstacles we need to overcome, and the bold policy solutions we need to make Bellingham work for all of its citizens.  On criminal justice reform, affordable housing and homelessness, food security, climate action, and transportation, she has the experience that comes from grappling with these issues on a daily basis. April Barker has the kindness, vision, know-how and energy to lead our city.

Rich Morgan, Bellingham


Intelligent Leader for All

Please vote for April Barker this fall. April is a very energized and dedicated community leader who has spent years in public service.  She has been a long term supporter for the Cordata neighborhood as well as our representative to the Bellingham City Council. With her intelligence, communication skills and willingness to take on tough issues she will be a mayor to be valued and admired.  We need to share this amazing leader with all of Bellingham.

Beverly Jacobs, Bellingham


Working for Students and Families

As I we start a new school year, I feel an urgency to support April Barker for Bellingham Mayor.  April is a bridge builder who has helped to forge stronger connections between our city, our school district, and community resource agencies.  As an educator herself, she has seen first-hand the challenges families can face economically, socially, or linguistically. She knows that our community can help people rise-up and overcome adversity if they are supported by public entities that communicate and work together with each other and with the families.

April recognizes we will only have a thriving community when families succeed. April is ready to focus on closing the child-care gap in Bellingham.  She knows that parents are less likely to be underemployed if they have safe and reliable care for their children. April wants to seek a path to universal early education to begin to close learning gaps early. She is determined to bring the number of homeless children to zero in our community.  She cares about our youth.

So this is why, as a teacher who loves her students and their families, April makes me feel hopeful that with her as mayor, we will be working to help all families thrive so that students can focus on the joy of learning.

Kelly Morgan, Bellingham


Compassionate Leadership

April Barker has been my City Council person for nearly the past four years. Whenever I have gone to her with a concern about an issue that affects my neighborhood or the city, I have been impressed by her knowledgeable responses. It’s clear that she has done her homework. She has gathered information from different sources and found out what other cities and counties are doing that have similar issues. She has reached out to people who are living the issues, empowering them to be heard at the table. Her response to me about my concerns has been thorough and showed an understanding of the interconnectedness of the issues that we face and the social and economic factors that underlie those issues. I don’t always get the answer I was hoping for, but she has taken my thoughts and ideas into account and invited me to be part of the process of finding solutions. These are strong leadership qualities that we need for our next mayor of Bellingham and I encourage you to join me in voting for her in the general election in November.

Scout Mitchell, Bellingham


April Barker for Mayor

Please support April Barker for mayor of Bellingham. I met April when our neighborhood elected her as our Birchwood Neighborhood Association president. The board of the neighborhood association and neighbors instantly recognized that we had a strong, determined leader representing our not so little corner of this beautiful city. April listened to her constituents and fought for the services, amenities and safety features we strongly felt we deserved. Her hard work and relentless effort yielded results time and time again. April breathed new life into a neighborhood association that was struggling to find its voice and inspired others to step up and advocate for the things that are important to maintaining a safe, culturally rich and socially just place to live. April’s positive influence and legacy lives on in the current neighborhood association board. I am certain, without a doubt that April Barker will bring her rock solid work ethic and her commitment to civic duty to the mayor’s office and lead Bellingham honorably and with the utmost integrity. I encourage you to vote for April Barker for Bellingham Mayor. 

Mike Bakko, Bellingham


Support April Barker

I am supporting April Barker for Bellingham’s next Mayor.  We were fortunate to have good candidates in the primary. In the upcoming November general election, however, April is the stronger and most-needed candidate.  I’ve known all of Bellingham’s fine mayors since moving here in the 1980’s (Tim Douglas, Mark Asmundson, Dan Pike, and now Kelli Linville). April will take us to the next level of local governance at a time when what we do locally matters in response to current national and international struggles around the environment, how people treat each other, and how we care for our most vulnerable children and adults.  April is a part of the extraordinary movement that elected scores of women to office in 2016—she is a bridge- and coalition-builder—at a time when many powerful people seek to divide and separate us. Please consider supporting April.

Ann Stevenson, Bellingham


Seeking a More Just Society

I first met April Barker two years ago as I began working with six other activists on ways to create a safer city environment—especially for our most vulnerable, marginalized, and targeted groups.  We have frequently met with her individually and/or with other council members. She has kept in regular and thoughtful communication with me by phone and email as our effort has perked through City offices and related agencies such as the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center.  She has provided supportive, candid and sage advice about the strengths of our effort and those weaknesses where we might be setting up unnecessary roadblocks. For our next Mayor, we need someone who can see beyond the traditional ways of supporting resident safety and complaint processes—we need someone who is willing to think “outside the box”—especially for those for whom the playing field isn’t so level.  Please join me in supporting April for Mayor.

Michael Berres, Bellingham


Fearless Advocate 

April Barker is a fearless advocate for our fragile environment, young families, and the diversity and growth of Bellingham. At the Aug. 28 City Club, April responded knowledgeably and consistently to all questions. Two phrases stand out: “Community fairness.” April realizes we are all in this together and we need a leader who is committed to just and fair treatment for all. “Manage conflict.” April realizes that change creates conflict, which requires thoughtful and compassionate leadership. We are entering the decade of the ‘20s. We need a leader like April who will fight for what is right.

Carole Hanaway, Bellingham


A Voice for My Issues 

I am voting for April Barker for mayor of Bellingham because I feel like she truly understands the worries I face as a 20-yearold young adult who hopes to work and thrive in the community I was raised in. April sees that it is daunting to find affordable rentals within the city. April advocated for tenant protections as a City Council member. She also champions diverse housing types in a variety of neighborhoods that would be safe and close to services to increase opportunities to walk or bike. She is all about increasing our public transportation to make getting places easier without a car. This is good for the pocketbook and the environment. I don’t want to see my peer group forced to move away from this great place because there are no vacancies, or we are priced out of the market. April is an advocate for jobs and for just housing that would allow my generation to stay and give back to the city that raised us.

Sam Morgan, Bellingham


Intelligent Leadership

April Barker is the leader we need for Bellingham’s next mayor. She works harder than anyone I know and is tireless in her commitment to making Bellingham a better place for everyone. In her time on the Bellingham City Council, April has championed housing affordability and tenant protections, helped to create the Climate Action Task Force, developed the City Council’s Jus - tice Committee to tackle criminal justice reform, and sought transportation and economic development policies that will move us toward a cleaner, more prosper - ous future. April takes the time to un - derstand the many challenges we face as a community, and she has the leadership skills we need to make real and substan - tive progress. Join me in supporting April for mayor this November and let’s see what her selfless work ethic, intelligence and leadership can bring to Bellingham.

Emily O’Connor, Bellingham


Focus on Affordable Housing

April Barker has a “laser focus on affordable housing.” This focus is important because Bellingham is becoming an increasingly expensive place to live. Rents and home prices continue to rise. Seniors are unable to age in place, and young people are priced out. April has a strong record of backing legislation to create more housing options to meet the diverse needs of Bellingham residents. On Council, she increased tenant protections and is working to ensure that the homes of those living in manufactured home parks are preserved. April understands that if, how and when we overcome our housing affordability challenges will define the future of our city. She wants to make sure it is a future that works for all of us, and that’s why I admire and support April Barker for Mayor.

Kristine Smith, Bellingham


April Barker for Climate Justice

Bellingham has two great candidates for mayor. April Barker received the sole endorsement of Washington Conservation Voters because she understands we have an urgent need to tackle climate change. Bellingham has a role to play: we must welcome more neighbors into our city so that we protect our farmland, wildlands and watersheds. April’s willingness to speak up on this critical need is part of the refreshing clarity and new perspective she brings to Bellingham.

Christy Nieto, Bellingham


Big Picture

Last week’s Gristle stated regarding April Barker, “in politics a stated clarity of purpose is remarkable.” That’s one of the reasons I support April Barker for mayor. She’s refreshing, thinks big-picture, cares deeply about making Bellingham more fair for everyone, and her clarity of purpose is remarkable. She’s authentic and honest and will tell people where she stands on issues. From the climate crisis, to housing, homelessness, and caring for our youth and elders—we could use more compassion and clarity in politics.

Michael Chiavario, Bellingham


April Barker for Climate Action

With this July on track to mark the hottest global temperatures ever recorded, it is essential that Bellingham elect a mayor with bold, detailed plans to address the climate crisis. That candidate is April Barker.

Barker is the best choice because she recognizes our urgent need to transition away from harmful carbon emissions. Unlike the other candidates, she has specific plans available on her website--informed by her experience on City Council and with numerous community organizations--for moving Bellingham towards 100% renewable energy. Significantly, Barker’s climate plans take a holistic approach to uplifting our community by making affordable, quality, energy efficient housing available to all.

We need a mayor who will make Bellingham a national leader on climate. Please join me in voting for April Barker by the August 6 state primary.

Daniel Chard, Bellingham


Vote April Barker for Mayor

Bellingham talks about being progressive, unique, and innovative, and we have been and can be. But we are not always ready to embrace progressive, unique, or innovative action. Voting for April Barker to become the next Mayor of Bellingham is an opportunity for us to act on our values.

This is a critical time for Bellingham.  Our population grows steadily, salaries stagnate, local young people are more vulnerable than ever, and racial divides are deepening.  the impact of who we vote for, for who we choose to be our next leader will set a tone for how our city will evolve.

I have gotten to know  April Barker over the last few years, and she is smart, deeply authentic, intentionally tenacious, gracious and humble. She knows what is most important -- people. She knows that those who have been marginalized -- queer kids, differently abled, families experiencing the violence of poverty and people of diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences -- are wise and resilient. She understands that when we are all valued equally, we can create a truly progressive, unique, and innovative community.  April Barker is the leader this special city deserves.

Riannon Bardsley, Bellingham


I support April Barker for Mayor

April’s passion and commitment to all members of this community became clear to me when I attended  a community roundtable discussion in 2016. April was exploring ways to connect a Northwest Ave community with affordable access to food. That struck a chord in me.

After my service in the Navy, I lived in a neighborhood in northeast Portland where a  grocery store had recently closed. It was difficult to bike or bus across town to shop for food.  It was even harder for my neighbors who were economically challenged, elderly, or disabled to buy their food so far from home.  

I believe April cares not only about improving all of the communities that make up our city, but she also cares about all of the people who live in those communities. Sincerely, 

Russell Harris Jr, Bellingham


April Barker for Mayor

I met April Barker in the Summer of 2015 at the Sunnyland Stomp. She had signed her two children up for a clay class with my teenage son, who was demonstrating his work at the event.  I was impressed by her genuine caring, her considerate nature, and her enthusiastic support of my son’s art. After the class, she mentioned that she was running for Bellingham City Council. I was pleased to hear it.

We need more people like April working for us at the local level.  I've watched her leadership on the Bellingham City Council, and I have seen what my mom would call a "Doer."  Whether it is her work in criminal justice reform, housing affordability, grassroots community engagement, or other progressive causes, she identifies where there is a need, follows through, and gets the job done.  She listens to community members, values their contributions, and celebrates the results, just like she did with my son.

That's who I want for my Mayor.  Please vote for April Barker for Bellingham Mayor in the upcoming primary.


Vanessa Story, Bellingham


I am writing to voice my positive experience with April Barker.

I have worked closely with her as the Director of the Caregiver Justice Project. 

She has been instrumental in her advocacy for fair Caregiver wages and benefits, as well as Medicaid/ DSHS placement for our most vulnerable elders. She has been a champion for us in addressing care for our vulnerable elder population and the affordable senior housing crisis in Bellingham. 

We have a massive shortage of beds and housing statewide for our low-income elders. In Bellingham, with a smaller tax base for assistance and a high cost of living, we face an even more difficult challenge. Seniors are the fastest-growing segment of our homeless population. 

We face a Caregiver shortage crisis that continues to grow worse, leaving our most vulnerable with a future of inadequate care.

From the time we began discussions about our issue, April has been proactive. She created a forum of community leaders related to the concerns of low-income aging, service, and housing. Because of her efforts, we have a broad collaboration to explore new ways to address the Silver Tsunami and the needs of those who need care the most. 

I believe she understands that we need to care for the people who care for our vulnerable loved ones. We only move forward together when we have a strong community and relationships with each other. April approached our complex issue with dedication and passion. I am proud to vote April Barker for Mayor in this primary election.

Thank you, Jovan Johnson


Vote April Barker for Mayor

I write to urge my fellow Bellinghamites to vote in the upcoming August 6th primary and to support April Barker to be Bellingham's next mayor. As an outgoing member of the City Council, April has a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing our city and, importantly, how the Mayor's office can and should engage with the issues at hand. Increasing housing costs, high rates of homelessness and threats to our city's quality of life posed by increasing growth are all at the forefront of April's platform and mind. She possesses an authentic respect and knowledge of our community and will preside over an administration closely connected and in communication with its constituents. Finally, April is unafraid to speak out on difficult and uncomfortable issues such as the changing demographic composition of our city and country, racial inequities and the need to engage those of us with privilege to become involved and hold space for a more equitable tomorrow. Rather than stand by as Bellingham moves closer to becoming a luxury community where only certain people can afford to live, it's time to address affordability and name the difficult issues. I've witnessed April in action and she's the real deal. Vote April Barker for Mayor on August 6th. 


Kyle Davidson, MPH