Creating a legacy for Bellingham that future generations can believe in too. 

We are a rich and resourceful community full of remarkable people like you. We have all the building blocks needed to become a national leader. With me as your Mayor, we will shape the change that is already happening in a way that reduces the wealth gap, eliminates racial disparity, and tackles climate change. Together, we will find solutions that put community, fairness and environment first; fulfilling our community promise of being a city where everyone can live, work and play. I believe in Bellingham, and we will move forward together to create a legacy for Bellingham that future generations can believe in too. 

Actions speak louder than words

For nearly a decade I have been working with folks in Bellingham to evolve systems to make them work for everyone.  When folks want to connect across cultures and improve their organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion goals, I am the candidate running for mayor they come to for leadership and advice. I have a proven track record of building bridges and the critical partnerships needed to tackle complex problems. Most importantly, I get things done. That’s why community members across the spectrum asked me to run to be the next Mayor of Bellingham and I said, “Yes.”

So, why do I focus on housing?

I bring a holistic, innovative approach needed to move the needle on key issues. Where we live has tremendous influence on our health, our access to resources and opportunity, our resilience, and our sense of community. How we design and build housing determines our impact on the environment, needs for infrastructure, our public’s safety, and our responses to climate crisis. Two of the most important levers our city government has are land use and building codes, which guides where and how we build. 

Historically, across America, short-sighted use of these levers has benefited some but not others, created roadblocks to progress and opportunity for low income folks, indigenous peoples, and communities of color, while degrading our environment and building economies dependent on fossil fuels. Housing is at the root of our most difficult challenges, and when harnessed appropriately we will create lasting solutions with meaningful and positive impacts on our community, our finances, and our environment.