About April

April Barker is a mother and has called Bellingham home for twenty years. She was elected by the people of Bellingham to serve as their City Council representative in 2015. As your elected representative she has championed fairness, criminal justice reform, higher goals to combat climate change, and making sure everyone has access to parks and greenways. She has worked to provide more housing options, increased protections for those of us who rent, and alternative modes of transportation. She lives in the Birchwood neighborhood with her husband, a Whatcom Middle School teacher, and their two kids. In addition to her work on Council, April is a substitute teacher for Bellingham Public Schools. She and her husband manage their three Bellingham rental homes together.

Raised by a single, hardworking mom, April developed a solid respect for money and time. Always looking for out-of-the-box solutions, she developed a keen sense of curiosity. Her mom’s dedication, tenacious spirit and work ethic are deeply rooted in April's core values from childhood. Her mom taught her that trials in life are opportunities to build resilience.

April was a competitive athlete and earned her Masters degree in Human Movement and Performance from Western Washington University. She brings decades of knowledge of peak performance, a unique ability to motivate and inspire, a philosophy of working smarter rather than harder, and a strong, flexible determination to the table. These skills cross over seamlessly into government service.

“I have lived in ten amazing cities, but none as captivating and brilliant as Bellingham,” April said. “Our family has deeply-rooted connections here and a great love for this city. I feel compelled to do what is in my power to inspire positive change. I am running for Mayor with the intent of growing Bellingham into a place where all of us can thrive, have economic security, and find inspiration to be lifelong contributors to our community.”

She serves on city, port, non-profit and public education committees and boards. She has developed partnerships across a variety of organizations with a goal of making Bellingham work better for everyone.

April's Council responsibilities are Chair of the Planning and Community Development Committee where she is working to develop a housing equity assessment, a plan to make sure housing costs match the wages we have, and policies that elevate healthy, safe, affordable and culturally appropriate food access to the level of infrastructure. She founded the Justice Committee and still serves as a member. She is on the Public Works Committee and the Franchise and Accessibility Technology Committee. She serves as a liaison to the Sustainable Connections Board and Library Board of Trustees. April is a member of the Whatcom Transportation Authority Board, Bellingham International Airport Advisory Committee, and Whatcom Council of Governments Council Board. 

April is a member of the Whatcom/Bellingham League of Women Voters, National Women's Political Caucus and Bellingham City Club. She is a 2018-2019 Community Engagement Fellow. She is a member of the community group for the Birchwood International Market, partnered to develop the Whatcom Housing Alliance, serves on the Attendance Area Standing Committee for Bellingham Public Schools, and serves on the Community Truancy Board.  Most recently, April was the inspiration behind the Rainbow Bridge over Squalicum Parkway- working with her community to create a sense of place.