April Barker for Bellingham Mayor



Hello Friends and Neighbors,

I am continually inspired by the natural beauty of this region; as your City Council representative, I have found it my charge to protect that beauty and ensure all have access to it. You called and I responded by leading the charge on higher goals to combat climate change, increasing housing options, protections for those of us who rent, and ensuring everyone has access to parks and greenways. I’m the only candidate for mayor, who stood up with the community and opposed the big jail in Ferndale; I’m committed to reducing incarceration by prioritizing behavioral health and substance use treatment. With me as your Mayor, never again will we think about public safety without first thinking about public health.

I’m running to become your next mayor, because I believe in Bellingham! I’m a leader who gets things done and finds solutions that put community, fairness, and climate first. By closing the wealth gap, eliminating racial disparity, and tackling climate change together, we will improve our quality of life and sense of community - creating a legacy for Bellingham that future generations can believe in too.

We are a rich, resourceful community with remarkable people like you. Moving forward, we will address care giving and housing needs for seniors and families, make sure housing costs match the jobs we have, and protect our environment. Every candidate will talk about climate and climate action. How I’m different: I believe there will be no lasting climate solutions without justice. As your Mayor, I will focus on both.

We have the building blocks to make Bellingham a national leader. Vote April Barker for Mayor. Let’s get started!


April Barker